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Finding the "Yes"

Try NOT to correct or disagree, but rather, “find the YES

​The first step is to find something in what the patient is saying to agree with or support. Instead of “no” or “but,” try for “...Yes! And....”

Try not to disagree with them, tell them they are wrong, or correct them. Whenever possible, find something in what they are saying to agree with, and then add your scientific or medical information with an “and.” In other words, when you find yourself about to correct your client or say “no,” think of saying “yes, and” rather than “no" or "but.”

Ways to Say “Yes”

·       Agreement

·       Display of empathy

·       Validation


 “I’ve had sex without using anything for a while now and I haven't gotten pregnant, so I doubt it’s even possible.”


“Yes, your mother is absolutely right; when you are not using birth control with hormones, it is very important for you to get your period regularly. I’m glad you know that...  and… [show a picture of the uterus to explain how the uterine lining thins and is very healthy—and even prevents cancer.]”

Display of empathy 

“I can see that this is concerning to you...  wow..., and...."


“I hear that all the time.  I can see why you would think that… and….”​

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