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Teach Back

The teach-back method is when you ask someone to repeat back what has been discussed. This technique confirms understanding and helps the patient process, integrate, and recall the information.

This can feel awkward or even patronizing, so it is best to phrase the teach-back request in such a way that the you take the responsibility on yourself.


The teach-back method...

•    helps the patient integrate the information they have just heard.
•    increases the likelihood of the patient and provider reaching a shared understanding.
•    improves adherence with treatment plans and health outcomes.

Using the teach-back method early and often in the decision-making process will help ensure that a patient has the opportunity to understand their options and is making informed choices.


“We have discussed so many different things today, I would like to be sure I was as clear as I could be. Can you tell me what you will be doing to prevent heavy periods with your Copper IUD?”

"We have gone over several different options and I want to be sure I didn’t leave anything out--can you tell me what your understanding is about your treatment options?"

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